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Is Facebook taking up all your time? Interested in ways to maximize your workflow? When you streamline your work and know exactly where to look for the right information, your job becomes easier. In this article you’ll discover eight ways to manage your Facebook marketing more effectively. #1: Maximize Page Notifications You can get notifications […]

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The #1 Key to Killer Promotions written by Alex Boyer read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing

Promotions are everywhere. It seems like whatever you or your business needs, you can find a promotion to receive it. Free this, half-off that, limited-time offers are everywhere. They’re so prevalent that many business owners feel pressured to hold a promotion or event to be competitive. But having a promotion just for the sake ofContinue Reading

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Content marketing may be a timeless concept, but its role within the digital media ecosystem is brand new. It’s known that blog posts, infographics, and videos are critical tools for building long-term customer relationships, but it’s also hard to connect ROI and effort. When it comes to content, purchases and transactions tend to happen over the long-term. Unlike other forms of marketing like search campaigns on AdWords and homepage takeover ads on mainstream media sites, your audiences won’t be looking at ads—they’ll be reading helpful, entertaining, and engaging educational materials from your company. Success, here, looks different from an immediate…

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Picking font pairings can prove to be incredibly difficult, particularly if you’re not a top-notch designer. Even now, many of us developer types just pick some fonts and jam them together. There are a few different sites and blogs around for finding acceptable fonts to slap next to each other, but there’s got to be a better way. Font Flame might just be that alternative, with a Tinder-like interface for picking your next font duo. It sources the typographic suggestions from Google Fonts’ free library and shows them with a simple ‘hate’ or ‘love’ for quick-fire judging based on looks. Each ‘love’…

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